"A touching movie with a message of Hope"

Stephen Kendrick, Writer/Producer of "Courageous"

“At a time when “good news” is in short supply, you will be so blessed by Summer Snow.”

Dr. David Jeremiah, President & Founder of Turning Point Ministries

I loved the story of this family struggling to recover after the death of their wife/mother, and their ultimate efforts to live up to her legacy.

Little Rachel Eggleston stole my heart in this film. I predict we're going to see a lot more from her in the future. Bring a box of tissue when you see it. Some of the plot twists are sure to make you cry.

Terri Blackstockauthor of Truth Stained Lies and Distortion

"Summer Snow is a heartwarming family film."

The Dove Foundation

“…in the presence of the innocence of a child we become waterlogged with sentiments of holiness, purity…in the end, Life!  This is the meaning of Summer Snow!”

Dr. Frank Pavone National Director and Chairman Priests For Life

“Summer Snow is a gift to families and Rachel Eggleston is a flat out star!  Thanks, AFA, for stepping into the world of family movie production.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Brian Wells Executive Producer, Hallmark Channel's Walden Family Theater

“This film moved me deeply…[Summer Snow] is truly for every family, and gently deals with issues we must be aware of in this crumbling world of social and spiritual confusion.

Dr. Peter Spencer, Writer/Director/Executive Producer of Return to the Hiding Place

"Great reminder of child-like faith. The storyline was realistic. This movie is faith based and not too churchy."

Pastor Hunter Slay, children's minister at East Heights B.C.

"I laughed, I cried, I held my breath. Excellent family film."


"Thanks for a movie that will change hearts and lives and make a difference!"

Greg Williams, Founder of Ky Marriage Movement

"This movie has a great message. It will keep the whole family laughing throughout and everyone will be in tears at the end. This movie challenges and makes you wonder what legacy your life will eave."


" I love a great movie, and I'm very critical...especially of faith-based movies, because I think they should be exceptional. Summer Snow was just that!" 


"The interactions between Hallie and Mr. Jenkins are hilarious! One of the best on-screen combos I've ever seen!"


"Story of real life family issues with a loving father and a mother who instilled a belief in God."

Jim Lane

"What a joy to see a film where the FATHER overcomes difficulty with the help of God. I am so excited that wholesome family films are becoming popular."